A 2019 take on Great British subcultures with YMC

Paying homage to the 90's rave scene of yesteryear and London's pre-punk glory days, YMC's fall collection is the pinnacle of well sourced fabrics and preeminent pieces. 


The collection's playful hues are captured by photographer Esther Theaker, who also shot the women's look book.  

Animal print is timeless, and adorns some of the most notable staples. The Jocks jacket comes in a grey and brown leopard print, with last season's popular beach jacket revamped in a slick grey leopard and bright green. 

With fabrics from Italy, Scotland and Portugal, and with cotton pieces coated in GORE-TEX, the collection is functional luxury. Shop here, and take a look at more GORE-TEX pieces from the latest Norse Projects collection at this link.