Ferm Living - The 2021 Spring & Summer Collection

It seemed like it would never come this year, but spring is now finally here. Time to shake off those cobwebs, draw back the curtains and let the sun pour in.

With a focus on earthen tones and living green within the home, Ferm Living bring a plethora of additions in their SS21 collection that will help you break out from your hibernation, stretch those limbs and exhale a deep sigh of relief as we emerge onto a new dawn.

Ferm Living Desert Series

First thing to do after coming from a period of staying in doors, especially in the dark, is to get outside with that book you’ve been meaning to read, and to allow your skin to soak up the sun whilst you admire the steam leaving your freshly made morning coffee. Sanctuary. 

That’s what Ferm Living has aimed to do with the SS21 collection, to give you all the means to create your living space into your own idyllic sanctuary. The Desert Lounge Chair is perfect for both in and outdoor use, with its stylised, yet minimal tubular steel form sitting perfectly well in any room of the home; and with the textile of the chair being made from recycled plastic bottles, you can rest well.

Ferm Living Plant Box

Striving to encourage more of a green life, Ferm Living have brought in a new range of Plant Boxes this season. What makes these so enticing is the fact that they can be utilised however you please. It’s entirely up to you. Perfect for placing next to the front door to hold everyday necessary items like gloves, keys and scarfs, or for slotting to the side in the living area to keep and display your collection of books or magazines. And of course, they are perfect for plants. 

With the selection providing variations in size and form, you can find the perfect one to fit into your personal living space. With the nimble yet sturdy frame being made from powder coated metal, these are also perfect for outdoor use, and can also be made up into a cosy bench.

Ferm Living Balcony Box

It’s surprising how much of a difference a few little green pals around the house can have on your mental wellbeing, completely changing the aura of the room to a place that subconsciously feels healthy and nourishing. Livening up your living and sometimes workspace with some greenery is a necessary factor in improving your home life. 

The Bau Balcony Box and Round Plant Box are perfect solutions to adding a bit of life to your abode. Utilising the same design aspect as the Plant Box, the freedom of choice is yours to truly take advantage of both your provided living space and these elegantly crafted steel receptacles. 

Now is the time to truly make your home a pleasure to be within.

Ferm Living Bau Pot