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We've all been staying home an awful lot recently, it's a good time to fall in love with your home surroundings, create a safe environment and one that feels comfortable for work and life. Explore the essentials, those finishing touches to elevate your space.
There's a lot we can learn from Danish homeware design! The Danes have a saying, Hygge (Hooga) which is basically a word used to describe taking pleasure from the presence of soothing or cosy things. Hygge is the reason many believe Denmark is consistently ranked among the happiest nations in the world. There are books written about this so lets not get too held up on the details, but lets take this golden opportunity to highlight some of the best homeware products we have to increase well being during the working hours and cosiness during those down days.  
Candles Article London
Candles - the ultimate instrument of Hygge, Denmark burns more candles per head than anywhere in Europe. A really simple way to change the mood and take the opportunity to relax after a long day.
Candles Collection - Article London
Pots and Planters Article London
Pots & Planters - Bring the great outdoors inside - there's a tonne of reasons to incorporate plants into your living quarters. Studies show that plants can increase concentration, boost your mood, improve productivity and reduce stress.
Pots and Planters Collection
Blankets and Cushions Article
Blankets & Cushions - creating a masterpiece of comfort on your sofa, the centrepiece of the home. Adding cushions and blankets is a clever way of introducing a pop of colour to your happy place. Cushions and Blankets Article London
Kitchenware Article London
Kitchenware - whether it's putting the kettle on and pulling out your favourite mug, or opening a bottle of wine and decanting it into a fancy carafe, (then swiftly drinking) we've got a whole host of options to supplement your home isolation.
Kitchenware Article London