HAY's Brand Ethos & The HAY Colour Crate

Founded in 2002 in Denmark, HAY’s goal from the beginning was to create high quality affordable products made for the evolving needs of everyday life.

With the intention of creating practical design for the array of different environments within our lives, like the home, professional spaces, public spaces, and all of the spaces in between, HAY successfully finds itself never designing for one specific market, yet at the same time appealing to all.

Always focusing on the people who are going to use the products and the lives that they live.

HAY Colour Crates

Finding a true passion within the everyday objects that we find in our hands everyday, HAY has taken the mission of bringing these often looked over items, into the design and homeware industry. Everyday life is the biggest inspiration.

What makes HAY particularly unique is their ability to stay one step ahead of the zeitgeist, in terms of innovation, form and colour, seemingly knowing what people want, even before they do.


HAY Colour Crates

What is particularly encapsulating of HAY’s contemporary, yet everyday ethos is the HAY Colour Crate.

The Colour Crate is a series of multifunctional plastic storage boxes that come in a variety of different colours and sizes. 

A seemingly everyday item that has been elevated into the highly popular design that can make a beautiful addition to any scenario and any placement within the home, or workplace.


 HAY Colour Crates


Crafted in soft pastel colours that add a hint of contemporary bliss to any chosen space, made in a ventilated and stackable design that allows the user to customise the item in their very own way.

Bringing functionality to the forefront, HAY has truly nailed the everyday. Taking on an almost modest pursuit in a delicate, sensual and sensitive way.

HAY Collection
In the name of innovation, HAY works with the best international designers to experiment with new materials and technologies. Rather than looking backwards for inspiration, HAY looks all around. 

Seeking references in art, architecture, and even fashion, HAY keeps pace with the world.

HAY Colour Crates

The functionality and use of these unobtrusive, yet appealing accent pieces is entirely down to you, perfect for storing cosmetics and shampoo in the bathroom and next to the shower, to containing plants, letters, decorative items and everyday objects.

The examples of use that can be seen in homes across the world can be inspiring and again shines a light further on HAY’s specific touch and utilisation of the everyday items all around us.

Just because it’s everyday, doesn’t mean it has to be mundane.

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HAY Colour Crates