Levi’s Vintage Clothing Is All About 1940s West Coast Surf Culture This Spring

Levis Vintage Clothing was created to fulfil the void for those wanting good quality, timeless pieces that had given Levis its name today. Each season, the designers of Levis go through the archives and recreate some of those loved cuts and styles from the past.

Using high quality fabrics and the undeniable ‘red tab’ denim, Levis vintage brings popover shirts from the 40s and striped t shirts from the 60s a revamp so that those with a passion for vintage fashion can wear them today. Along with shirts, jackets and t shirts, they also recreate washes on their iconic 501 jeans. Levis Vintage brings investment pieces that have proven to never go out of style. The new summer collection continues to recreate some of these loved pieces and do not disappoint when it comes to the recreation and accuracy of the items.

 We can see the new SS18 line brings waves of 1940s West Coast surf culture and recreating California’s surf scene of the 40s. With graphic rayon and linen tops and sun-bleached denim, Levi’s vintage continues to impress with its cool summer style and classic staple pieces. Hawaiian shirts with cosmic prints and retro spread collar details, the vibrant collection washes away the winter blues and invites summer with open, sun kissed arms.