Liberate x Raiders = Liberaiders

Taking inspiration from the military, travelling, rock’n'roll and photography. Liberaiders is the brand with a clear mission.  A Japanese fashion label that's focused on the world market, in and outside of Asia.
Creating streetwear that has an original culture, background and spirit.  Products that utilise the latest technology and best quality of hi-end fashion and outdoor products. 
Director Mei Yong was born and raised in Beijing, lived in Japan since his late teens and has travelled around the world, and has been involved in the creation of numerous international brands, including significant original streetwear brands from the 90’s.
The brand name itself comes from two contradictory words; Liberate, and Raiders. This is due to the concept of the world being lost in confusion; people are dominated by the media and have lost their true purpose. In such an era it is important not to trust the media and the hype, and to go on your own journey, walk your own path and to recognise your own unique place in this world.
Liberaiders Corduroy Jacket - Charcoal Dark Grey
 The Liberaiders Corduroy Jacket is a true beauty of a piece, exuding a classic workwear and military persona, whilst being adapted for the modern day with contemporary styling.
This jacket features a full button down placket, and two patch pockets at the waist, and ensuring its final touch with a subtle Liberaiders branded tab at the left chest. 
An item truly designed to be suitable for any everyday scenario, as well as providing an endless skill at its ability to be matched and paired with any existing item in your wardrobe.
A modern classic.
Liberaiders Utility BDU Jacket - Olive Green
The Utility BDU Jacket in Olive Green is the perfect item that can be dressed up or down. 
Constructed in a 100% cotton material, the Utility BDU Jacket has four button secured pockets in the front along the chest, to keep your handy camera and essential items secure and always on you.
This piece features a ‘I still haven’t found what I’m looking for’ phrase embroidered on the back, with a buttoned-up collar and hem.
This subtle, yet masterfully functional jacket is finalised with a Liberaiders embroidered patch and imagery at the left chest; in traditional military styling.
Liberaiders Collection
Liberaiders 6 Pocket Army Pants - Olive Green
To continue, and display the military influence embedded within all of Liberaiders’ designs, we now showcase the 6 Pocket Army Pants in Olive Green.
These traditional cargo pants are brought into the modern day with a contemporary twist. With its two side entry pockets, two cargo pockets and two back pockets, you have no shortage of storage space on your days out; whether it’s in the city, or out in the wild.
With the added Liberaiders’ touch of the brand’s logo image embroidered on the right leg cargo pocket, and the brand name underneath the left side back pocket, Liberaiders never takes it too far into overstated branding, and keeps things subtle, and maintains the identity of allowing the design and functionality of each piece to speak for itself.
Liberaiders Collection
Liberaiders Bleached Wash Crewneck Sweat - Burgundy Red
Finishing off this Liberaiders focus piece on the beautiful modern heritage design of the Bleached Wash Crewneck Sweatshirt in the ever-warming and eye catching Burgundy Red colourway.
This classic shape is garnished with the Liberaider typeface printed at the left arm and the garment has been treated with a bleached effect to provide a worn-in, almost vintage vibe.
Liberaiders Collection
Liberaiders has persevered through the ongoing trials and hardships that the current global situation is providing, and has continued to create essential, beautifully designed pieces that can easily find a home equally on the streets of the city, as on the higher fashion catwalks.
With the framework that was set at the beginning that destined the brand to take its inspiration from workwear, military and streetwear, you can’t really go wrong; and Liberaiders continues to prove this in every new release, and manages to provide endless pieces that somehow manage to be styled with matched with everything.