Nudie Jeans - Sustainably Creating Jeans for Life

Besides denim, only leather has the ability to age so beautifully and be formed by its user into some form of second skin. Your jeans live your lifestyle. The longer you wear them, the more character and personality they get.

With the environment in mind, since 2012, all of Nudie Jeans denim is made with 100% organic cotton. Jeans are their passion, and taking the path of manufacturing their product in a fair and ethical way is something greatly admirable. It is an opportunity every company is given, but very few take.

Nudie Jeans are not designed to be used a few times and then thrown away.

Nudie Jeans Collection

Nudie has publicly stated their mission and vision to become the world’s most sustainable denim company, which is an aspect of a company that someone who is looking for a new pair of jeans should really consider. 

Showing consideration for the brand’s manufacturing process and how what they do affects local communities, the people within them, and the environment around them. Taking on this mission of doing good for the world is a definite respectable angle of the business, especially when it is most certainly not the easiest route for a brand to take. There are cheaper and more disposable avenues to take, but that isn’t what Nudie is all about.

Nudie Steady Eddie II Jeans - Friendly Blue

No matter how many times you hear it, it will never not be the gospel of life; nothing beats a pair of classic jeans.

The Nudie Steady Eddie II Jeans fit the bill. Coming in the Friendly Blue colourway, they provide that perfect combination of a regular, easy to manoeuvre cut with a slight taper to keep things together. 

Constructed from 13.25 oz organic cotton, complete with the traditional Nudie patch branding at the rear, back pocket orange stitch detailing, and copper trims.

A pair of reliable washed blue denim is essential to every wardrobe. 

Nudie Sleepy Sixten Jeans (Relaxed Straight) - Spring Crush

The Nudie Sleepy Sixten Jeans in the Spring Crush colourway, come in at a relaxed straight fit, with a regular leg opening.

These classics are crafted from 13.25 oz rigid denim, and feature an indigo back pocket embroidery, with tobacco thread on all seams and a signature Nudie branded Jacron patch.

Nudie Barney Canvas Jacket - Cinnamon

Jeans aren’t the only zone that Nudie pays attention to. The Barney Worker Jacket is crafted from a workwear-inspired canvas weave.

Featuring the workwear utilitarian touch, with multiple deep pockets, a button up front and with a garment-dyed finish, meaning that jacket will age beautifully with you. 

Featuring dark brown corozo buttons and a subtle Nudie Jeans branded label at the front pocket. It’s a classic that will keep trekking with you for years to come.

Nudie Jeans Collection

Every pair of Nudie Jeans comes with a promise of free repairs by the brand themselves. No matter when or where you got them. Nudie Jeans are meant to be worn a lot and they only use high-quality fabrics and top class sewing. 

Nudie takes care of your beloved pair of jeans when they are torn. Just give them a wash and hand them in to your closest Nudie Jeans Repair Shop. Once they have been patched and sewn, you have an updated version of your favourite jeans.

Nudie Jeans Collection

At Nudie Jeans they take a lot of the extra steps to reduce waste and to grow into more of an ethical and sustainable company as a whole.

To prolong the life of the garment is even more sustainable than recycling. It can be done by using the garment for a long time, reselling the garment, reusing the fabric to create something new, making patches for repairing your rips and scrapes, or making materials for new products.

Getting a pair of Nudie Jeans is getting a pair of jeans for life, that you can rely on to take you through anything you throw at them.

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