Snow Peak - The Winter Essentials

With the colder months coming in, it’s a tough time to fulfil your camping and outdoor desires whilst keeping your core temperature up.

Snow Peak are experts at this predicament, and it says it right in the name that they’re in the business of adventure.
Snow Peak Alpaca Mixed Knit Beanie Hat - Mustard Yellow

Starting off with a true must-have, the Alpaca Mixed Knit Beanie Hat is one to rely on. This classic chunky knit beanie is crafted from a blend of nylon, wool and alpaca, to provide a super warm fit and soft feel.

When you’re out and about in the cold weather, everyone knows how important a solid and trustworthy beanie is.

This piece also features a knit crown, and folded brim for an extra snug fit.
Snow Peak Patchwork Quilted NORAGI Coat - Navy Blue

Providing a unique take on the warm outerwear front, is the Patchwork Quilted NORAGI Coat. Crafted with a traditional Japanese workwear silhouette, this piece is an easy to wear short length jacket.

Featuring three big front pockets, a wrap front, with internal and external tie closure. The thick quilted form factor is ideal for extra comfort and heat retention. 
Snow Peak TAKIBI Down Jacket - Khaki

The TAKIBI Down Jacket from Snow Peak is an outerwear essential that is both ideal for the campsite and the city.

The Takibi Collection is constructed from 98% aramid materials, a fire resistant Japanese made material used to construct fire fighting suits.
This piece is incredibly durable and resistant to all types of wear and tear around the campsite.
Snow Peak Hybrid Wool Pants - Grey
Can’t go outdoors and neglect keeping the bottom half cosy.

The Hybrid Wool Pants from Snow Peak maintains the original texture of wool whilst also being fully functional.

They are crafted from a warm, medium-weight wool material that has been blended with cordura nylon.

This pair features an elasticated waist with adjustable drawcord, carabiner loop, and side pockets.
Snow Peak 2L Octa Cardigan - Olive Green

Able to be layered up effectively to maintain core warmth, the 2L Octa Cardigan manages to achieve a great lightness by making the standard 3-layer filling item into a 2-layer finish.

The outer material of this piece is made of highly stretchable and tear-resistant recycled polyester with a double ripstop composition, and the back side is laminated with a polyurethane waterproof membrane to make it breathable and waterproof.

With quick drying and sweat absorption properties, this makes the ideal companion for outdoor adventures.
Snow Peak TAKIBI Flight Cap - Khaki

With the head being the core of all of those big ideas, it’s good to keep it ticking.

The TAKIBI Flight Cap has been developed from a high-density, thin fabric made of 100% aramid, ensuring a high comfort fit.

The inside of this piece is lined with plenty of fur, giving it a nice touch and warmth and the ear pads can be raised and lowered by fastening the belt at the top to suit your needs.

Snow Peak Collection

As well as all the high-powered outdoor gear, Snow Peak has all of the camping accessories covered too.