A Trip To Hotel De Luxe With Universal Works

Universal Works present us with their No Bad Days summer collection, a colourful visualisation of the most ideal, luxurious hotel experience of your dreams. A world away from the humdrum of Butlins and caravan parks in the rain, think a little more Wes Anderson-y, with a sprinkle of hedonism and over-indulgence.


On the flip side, it can be anything to anyone. Your childhood memories in grandma’s Skegness caravan are probably unrivalled, and life was simpler then. You might be in Amalfi, but you’re still answering two phones, knee deep in unread emails with a screaming child in one hand and a Jameson's in the other. So take a seat, put your abstract thinking cap on and imagine a place where bad days are unheard of. And maybe, add some Universal Works to your basket?