10 Years of Bleu De Paname

Bleu De Paname is the Parisian label who sits steady at the heart of French workwear revival, with a simplified approach to updating the apparel of those who laboured decades before us. Saying farewell to last seasons autumnal hues, this SS19 brings a union of loud pigments and classic silhouettes to see us through summer.

The brand are celebrating a decade of business this year, after founders and old friends Christophe Lépin and Thomas Giorgetti noticed an absence of original fabrics and designs all the way back in 09’. In what can sometimes appear to be a saturated workwear market as of present day, there is little doubt that Bleu De Paname have set the bar to which other brands adhere.

The moleskine Veste De Comptoir is a major hit across both of our stores, and is something BDP brings back around every season in different colourways. Lucky you!