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Bleu De Paname

In five years, Bleu de Paname, has worked its way to the forefront of the menswear scene. The Parisian brand is leading the way with simple and fashionable "updated" workwear for labour and leisure. Bleu de Paname products are aimed at a new generation of customers that appreciate quality, durability and no-nonsense design, in favour of everything else.

The Bleu De Paname Vest de Comptoir chore Workwear jacket is their signature style and key be seen in a slew seasonal and core colours. They also have garnered a cult following for their military inspired cargo pants among workwear and streetwear aficionados. The Bleu De Paname Fall/Winter 2018 also sees a re-worked Mackinaw double breasted jacket, Bleu Chauffe pant in brown cord and the Velvet un-hemmed sweatshirt in a new high mock-next.

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