Ally Capellino ー FW18 Inspiration

Ally Capellinos accessories are unlike most, this comes part in parcel with not only the style and designs of the brand, but the stories that come with the collections. Founder Alison Lloyd has always been an eccentric and renegade when it comes to fashion, setting trends and creating lifestyles within her pieces. This new collection ‘Art Class’ is no exception. 

 Ally Capellinos classic quirky story behind the collection continues within the AW18 collection. With backpacks influenced by an art class, including that of the life model, the tutor and the student. Based on a class Alison attended in Dalston, the collection includes the rucksack ‘Frank’ in a bright orange and chalky pink based on an art student and his artistic, creative lifestyle of life drawing and djing.

As one example, the collection brings a twist to classic backpacks made with great durable material such as waxed cotton and adds great tones and colours to inspire those that have an eye for something different.

 Although the style and great craftsmanship speak for itself, the great story and influences behind the collection gives Ally Capellino something other brands don’t have, character, personality and charisma.

Ally Capellino Fin Orange
Ally Capellino Frances Brown
Ally Capellino Hoy Black