Bellerose FW18

Belgium brand Bellerose are back using their mixes of comfortability, classic style, family orientation and good quality fabrics with their new FW18 line. As the brand prides itself on globetrotting and creating clothing for those who want to fit in wherever they go, this line is based on a recent trip to Tokyo, and creating a line that is both great quality and equally stylish.  The new pieces include classic knitwear in modest tones, long sleeved t shirts in equally wearable colours and some great over shirts and blazers to finish the collection. Not only does the line carry classic, easy to wear pieces for a city lifestyle but with touches such as velvet and corduroy on shirts and jumpers, and some pieces in colours such as mustard and a great cord, camo shirt, some of these statement pieces cater for those with an eye for fashion as well as wear ability.

Bellerose mixes simplicity and quality and the new line continues to maintain this. Mixes of fabrics and shapes makes the brand an easy go to for effortless style.

Bellerose Aokas
Bellerose Goney
Bellerose Vadam