VETRA - The Classics of French Workwear

VETRA was formed in 1927 in Paris, by Edouard Beerens. Starting out as a traditional workwear brand for factory and manual labour workers, the brand has gone on to become a cult icon within the fashion-workwear realm. We take a closer look at the history of the brand and some of the key pieces.

Edouard designed the red VETRA logo with the factory silhouette, that we still see today. Many workwear brand names at the time were printed and designed in red ink, referring to the working class emblem.

The VETRA name was created from an amalgamation of ‘VETements de TRAvail, using this combination to form the brand into the easily memorable brand name of VETRA.

Vetra Collection


VETRA mottos have always highlighted the high quality attention to detail and ideal fit of the garments, and this is one of the reasons why VETRA outfits have featured in many famous movie throughout the years.

VETRA’s products have been distributed for decades by specialty stores and marketed to industrial companies, before finally entering into select shops and concept stores.

VETRA has been proudly worn by workers and craftsmen since the brand’s beginnings, gaining massive respect due to each garment's quality and durability.

Vetra French Workwear Jacket 5-Short (Cotton Drill) - Waid Blue

The landmark piece of all workwear; the blue chore jacket. The VETRA Workwear Jacket 5-Short in Waid Blue is a true classic French workwear jacket, featuring traditional patch pockets and a regular collar.

This form factor and shape has gained in popularity due to the minimal styling and high function. You can pretty much chuck this on with anything and it’ll look good. 

Crafted to perfection in VETRA's own workshop which has been producing these quality garments since 1927; so you know they're made right.

Vetra Workwear Double Wool Jacket - Anthracite

The classic boxy fit Workwear Double Wool Jacket in the Anthracite colourway from VETRA is crafted from melton wool and features an open chest pocket and two hand pockets to keep your essentials.

This piece is ideal for colder temperatures, when you need a versatile outer layer that’s going to provide that extra bit of warmth.

Vetra History

VETRA has always been a family business, with Eduard’s mother gifting him her apron and overalls atelier as a wedding gift. 

This first workshop was located in Paris on Bretonvilliers st. 3, on Saint Louis island right in the heart of the city, where Edouard created his own brand VETRA in 1927. Manufacturing was always kept local, with it all being done in the workshop, and even some workers would sew pieces at home on their own machines from material cut at the workshop.

In 1939, the VETRA workshop even went on to manufacture uniforms for the French army.

Vetra French Workwear Jacket 5-Short - Pearl

As well as the truly iconic blue chore jacket, VETRA ensures to cover all bases colour wise.

The VETRA Workwear Jacket in Pearl is a beautiful, yet subtle addition to the colour range. Cut in the classic chore jacket shape, and fit with two lower hand pockets and a chest patch pocket.

This piece really is finished off nicely with the addition of contrast tone buttoning.

Vetra French Workwear Jacket 5-Short (Dungaree Wash Twill) - Quince Red

The VETRA French Workwear Jacket 5-Short in the Dungaree Wash Twill Quince Red colourway provides less of an oversized fit for a shorter and more toned version of the classic boxy-fit French workwear jacket styling.

In this beautiful Quince Red colourway, the piece provides a subtle and almost pastel colouring to the wardrobe. 

VETRA History


As well as staying true to the brand’s core values, VETRA has managed to break away from merely a utilitarian work piece, and has cemented itself into the history and hearts of fashion aficionados across the globe.

Knowing that the brand has stayed true to the original ethos, and has maintained an independent and local aspect to their production makes wearing one of these beautiful and iconic pieces all the more satisfying.

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